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The Bunmixes represent delicious indulgence with a nod to your belly and to nature.

De hemp seed Bunmix is gluten-free, vegan and low-carb! 

Because quality comes first for us, we always choose all ingredients with care to meet the standards.

With this Bunmix you can make 10 buns, which you can easily store and/or freeze without sacrificing quality or taste. 

After eating, you won't be left with bloating nor an energy dip from eating fast carbs and you won't have cramps and/or a bloated belly.

  • Description: Bunmix with shelled hemp seeds

  • Content: 360 grams

  • Content of finished product: + 885 grams

  • Portion size: + 90 grams

  • Storage requirements: keep cool and dry

  • Note: nutritional value is calculated on the unprepared product

H-bun, Hemp seed mix

SKU: 364215376135192
VAT Included
  • Y-bae stands for "you before anything or anyone else”. We help, support you to live healthier. Eating habits are often different within a family and it quickly becomes art and craft to get everything aligned. Or you are alone, in which case you simply do not need large quantities.

    By taking into account the demands and wishes of each within a rapidly changing society, we are happy to respond to your needs to provide a tasty, quick and convenient solution for your daily lunch with the Bunmix.

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