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Ontspannen in een hangmat

Op 11/5 zijn we even gesloten
Wil je toch graag Buns bestellen deze week?
Dat kan!! Je bestelt tot woensdag 8/5, 23u
Donderdag 9/5 haal je je bestelling op tussen 11u en 14u 

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Meet Y-bae

Are you also looking for a healthy, glutenfree and quick solution

for your breakfast, lunch or snack?

* Do you also struggle with a different food pattern?

* Do you also invest a lot of time in your food pattern and want a quick and healthy bite
from time to time as well?

* Can you neither just walk into the bakery or supermarket for a quick snack?

* Do you also, occasionally, just feel like having your breakfast or lunch ready quickly,
even if you have to deal with (many) food intolerances?

* Do you follow a keto-diet and miss a sandwich?

* Are you diabetic? ​

At Y-bae, we found the solution with the "Bunmixes”.

Our goal? 

  • A quick solution to have your breakfast and/or lunch ready quickly during a busy work week.

  • No need to be a cooking genius to make your own bread.

  • Also enjoy a guilt-free sandwich for brunch, Sunday breakfast,...

  • No loss of quality when you take your bread out of the freezer.

Yes, I set the bar high because the bunmix is what I was missing in my life!

I am happy to share the result, the Bunmixes, with you and the world.


Difficult preparation? Not at all! 

  • in 5 min. you have 10 healthy buns.
          - You only have to add water and butter to the mix,
          - mix or knead for 3 min. and then make the Bun-shape 10x (because that’s how you get the best baking result)

  • 30 to 45 min. baking (depending on your oven) 
    Let them cool down before cutting them or just bite into a warm one (don't burn yourself, it’s hot!).

Welcome ate Y-bae, your new favourite online shop.

​​Often eating habits vary within a family, and it quickly becomes art and craft to get everything aligned. Or you are alone, in which case you simply do not need large quantities. 

By taking into account the demands and wishes of each within a rapidly changing society, I went in search of an easy-to-bake product. With the Bunmix, we are happy to respond to your needs to provide a tasty, quick and convenient solution for your daily breakfast and/or lunch. 

Check out our assortment today and find out which Bunmix can appeal to you. When you purchase a sample pack, you save money on your next purchase.


“10 healthy buns in 5 min. It is possible with the Bunmixes" 

Meet us live

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